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Welcome to Maplewood!

Since 1981, Maplewood has been a residential condominium community composed of twelve (12) town homes, situated in Park Forest Subdivision of Patton Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. Maplewood Condominium is conveniently located near food shops and community markets, home improvement centers, popular restaurants, a cinema, schools, safe parks, and a community pool park! By motor vehicle, we are minutes away from State College’s exciting downtown, home of the Pennsylvania State University.

Our town home condominiums feature 3 bedrooms (with master en-suite), at least 2.5 baths, spacious eat-in kitchen with deck outlet, dining room, living room, and lower level. Half of our town home condominiums have an additional walkout lower level. The living space of each condominium unit is approximately 2000 square feet, distributed comfortably on three levels. In addition to enjoying their well-appointed interiors, owners extend their living to outdoor decks, as well as nicely landscaped backyard patio areas.

The property is nestled in green Park Forest where it is surrounded (but not overwhelmed) by natural and mature White Oak, Pine, and Hemlock, and does feature one Maple tree in honor of our name. Owners can relax and enjoy a BBQ’d meal on their deck among the rustling sounds of Oak leaves. The planned landscaping is varied and colorful and is fussed with constantly for greater curb appeal by our dedicated landscape professional. The quiet, safe, and peaceful surrounding neighborhood easily encourages leisure walks with family, neighbors, and pets. It is simply a pleasantly restful place to come home to at the end of a busy day!

We are principally an owner-occupied condominium. While the composition of the community is never completely uniform, it has mainly been composed of professionals, with individual units typically comprising 1 to 2 persons. The community has also long benefitted from the periodic presence of retired individuals and, at times, a few young professional couples have even blessed the neighborhood with newborn babies — what a shame it is when they leave the community in search of housing for growing families!

Since the early 2000’s, the Association has been chiefly owner-managed, with the essential aid of hired administrative assistance. This self-direction has increased the efficiency and focus of the operations and budgets, fostered a more united and informed community, and has triumphed in a complete renovation of the entire property, thus immensely improving the value and lifestyle for the owners. The Board of Directors has enjoyed working with, and retaining, some of the most dedicated professional contractors in the area.

To help owners understand condominium life at Maplewood, the Association provides information on this website. The goal of the website is to provide owners with information regarding by-laws, policy, owner responsibility, scheduled meetings, scheduled service work, events, etc. The website serves as the central communication vehicle for owners, as well as interested secondary parties such as guests, tenants, potential buyers, and other professionals (contractors, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, and realtors). The Association updates the contents of its website as necessary, and makes it available to its member owners.

  • Visit the page that describes your status (Buyer, Owner, Tenant) and read the contents therein — you are responsible for this regulatory information. It is expected that this information be read thoroughly PRIOR to becoming an owner or tenant on the property. All residents and visitors to the Maplewood property are bound and subject to its by-laws and policies.


  • All persons RESIDING (owners and tenants) within the boundaries of the Maplewood Condominium Association property are subject to its by-laws and policies at all times, and without exception.
  • All resident’s GUESTS (family, friend, visitor, hired representative, contracting professional, realtor, etc.,) coming within the boundaries of the Maplewood Condominium Association property are subject to its by-laws and policies at all times, and without exception.
  • Owners are responsible for communicating by-laws and policies to their guests and tenants.
  • Owners who are leasing their unit are responsible for informing their respective tenants of the by-laws and policies, so please direct them to this regulatory information. In turn, tenants are responsible for their behavior and that of their guests.
  • Condominium owners and their tenants are jointly and severally liable.
  • Prospective buyers that are in the process of becoming owners should be fully informed and know the regulatory material prior to finalizing their purchase and living on the property.
  • The Association is an organization with a specific membership (Maplewood Condominium owners) and it is obliged to communicate directly with its members. The Association will communicate officially only with an owner of a condominium town home unit, be it leased, vacant, or owner-occupied. The Association is not accountable to an owner’s guest, tenant, or representative. Owner is defined by the name of the legal entity stated on the property title (i.e., deed).


The Association can provide a paper copy of the entire contents of the website for a pre-paid and non-refundable $50 service fee, plus any applicable mailing costs. Returned mail will not be held. When there is evidence that owners have not provided their respective tenant with the condominium’s regulatory materials and related information, the Association will automatically provide a copy of such materials to the tenant, and such owner will automatically incur the current service fee.